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Let your smile express your true feelings. This way, you get to enjoy and cherish every moment without any worry at all.

Q&A with Peishi


Peishi achieved her ideal smile with Invisalign and now has the confidence to smile brightly in all her photos and videos! It’s been 5 years since the end of her Invisalign journey and she still thinks it was one of the best decisions she has made!

9 Million Smiles


Thank you to all the amazing Doctors and patients who have made 9 million global smiles possible.

Disclaimer: The effect of Invisalign treatment may vary among individuals

Invisalign treatment success stories

Meet three people who changed more than just their smiles with Invisalign treatment and start planning your next step.




Crowded teeth

“Everybody’s really surprised when I tell them I’ve got Invisalign on.”


Vicky Kamahele

Business owner and career coach


“Since I got Invisalign treatment, I have more confidence.”


Sandra Rancatore

Owner, Darla's One-Stop Cupcake Shop

Gap in her front teeth

“Darla notices my smile. Before, I never used to smile. Now that she sees me smiling, she says, ‘Mommy’s happy so I’m happy, too!’”

Disclaimer: The effect of Invisalign treatment may vary among individuals


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