Shift your practice into the digital world.

It’s time to grow your practice by adopting digital solutions that provide a seamless end-to-end experience for you and your patients.

Treat your patients with a seamless digital end-to-end workflow.



Engage with consumers before they become Invisalign users and get them excited about Invisalign treatment options before they even enter your practice.

My Invisalign mobile app

This end-to-end digital experience helps patients to stay on top of treatment with an aligner tracker and more.

Invisalign SmileView simulation

This quick and easy tool provides a convenient way for patients to see what their smile could look like.

Invisalign Virtual Appointment

Face-to-face virtual appointments provide a convenient way for you to answer patients’ questions before bringing them in for a consult.


No more analog impressions! Just scan. Capturing patient data has never been so easy.

Invisalign Photo Uploader

Captures and uploads patients’ initial and progress intraoral pictures. 84% of orthodontists surveyed prefer the quality of photos using Invisalign Photo Uploader over DSLR camera, when submitting Invisalign cases.1

iTero intraoral scanners and Invisalign Outcome Simulator

Not only are digital impressions more comfortable for patients than conventional impressions2, 60% of patients that were shown an Invisalign Outcome Simulator on the iTero scanner started Invisalign treatment.3


Enhanced digital treatment planning tools allow you and your patients to see how a new smile can transform their face.

ClinCheck Pro 6.0 software

Cloud-based treatment planning on your terms. Anytime, anywhere on Mac, PC, and iPad.

ClinCheck In-Face Visualization tool

Allows you to see a 3D visualization of your patient’s teeth within an image of their face, for improved treatment planning.


Treat with confidence with optimised delivery of customised, digitally designed aligners.

Invisalign system

Designed with SmartTrack material and SmartForce features for more precise control of tooth movement. Plus, SmartStage technology optimizes progression of tooth movements, improving predictability and reducing unwanted Interference.

Vivera retainers

You've transformed their smile with one of the most advanced clear aligner in the world. Now help them keep it beautiful with a retainer that is 2x as durable and 30% stronger than others.4


Take advantage of remote monitoring tools to help stay connected and up to date with your patients.

Invisalign Virtual Care

Now more than ever, patients desire convenience. Invisalign Virtual Care allows you to stay virtually connected with patients and remotely monitor their treatment progress in between appointments.

Partner with a world leader to transform more smiles.

World's largest

user of state-of-the-art 3D printing technology

for industry-changing technologies

transformed5, including 2 million teens

“Invisalign treatment is an ultimate practice builder.”


Dr. Toussaint Crawford

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Which Cases Are Treatable With Invisalign?

Remaining Relevant In a Digital World

2 Millionth Teen Starts Invisalign Treatment

1 Survey respondents who are Invisalign trained doctors (N=89) were asked “Which photo do you feel most comfortable submitting to Align for Invisalign treatment?” and presented with four randomized side-by-side photos as follows: Invisalign Photo Uploader (IPU) using an iPhone XS Plus + Ring Flash; IPU using an iPhone XS Plus + Smart Phone Dental Light; IPU using an iPhone XS Plus; Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR camera + Ring Flash. Data on file at Align Technology, as of December 3rd, 2019.

2 Emir Yuzbasioglu, Hanefi Kurt1 Rana Turunc, and Halenur Bilir. “Comparison of digital and conventional impression techniques: evaluation of patients’ perception, treatment comfort, effectiveness and clinical outcomes.” BMC Oral Health. Published online January 30, 2014. n = 24 in a study comparing polyether with Cerac.

3 Based on a survey of n=101 Orthodontists and General Dentists (from U.S., Canada and U.K, in July 2018; GP=60, Ortho=41) who used the Invisalign Outcome Simulator in the past year and were asked, “For the patients who were presented the option of Invisalign treatment in the past 12 months, and for whom you have used the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, what percentage of these patients started Invisalign treatment?”

4 “such as Essix Plus, Tru-Tain, Invisacryl A.” Data on File at Align Technology as of October 12, 2017 5 Data on file at Align Technology, as of February, 2020.

5 Data on file at Align Technology, as of February 2, 2022.